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Cement Producers bewail fall in demand due to high cost of production

Dec 02 2022

Some cement producers are lamenting a drop in demand as a result of higher operating costs throughout the production value chain.

According to Sales and Marketing Director of CIMAF Cement, Joseph Aboo, taxes on imported goods for production are hurting their operations, necessitating drastic measures to save the situation.

Speaking to Joy Business at the 2022 Home Builders Awards, he emphasized the importance of the government focusing more attention on the manufacturing sector.

He stated that the manufacturing sector requires a strong push to streamline its operations.

“You know what, demand has been falling for sometimes and that is bad. I understand things are hard and that could be a reason why we going through this but I’m sure with time things will be ok”


“We need to ensure that we support the manufacturing sector of the Ghanaian economy because that is a way we can bring back the economy to it normal state”, he said.

The organizer of the Home Builders Awards, Alex Nartey, explained the need for the awards, stating that the real estate sector has the potential to be a game changer.

Cement Producers bewail fall in demand due to high cost of production

According to him, more investment is needed for the sector’s growth, and as a result, government should create avenues to attract investors’ interest in the sector.

“This sector we all know is critical to the Ghanaian economy. It’s sad that much is done to sustain it but I promise you that if we work hard to ensure sustainability we won’t have to waste much resources on other things”, he said.

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