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OLAM Ghana wins Food Industry Champion Award

Dec 02 2022

One of Ghana’s leading agri-food companies in the country, OLAM Ghana Limited has been recognized as a Food Industry Champion at the maiden edition of the Home Builders Africa Awards (HBAA).

The Company since its establishment in 1994 has aside the importation, processing of grains and rice, also manufactured a range of packaged foods formulated for Ghanaian consumers.

It has through farmer network in Ghana, also been processing Ghanaian foods ad exporting them to international markets.

Products from OLAM Ghana includes Tasty Tom Tomato paste, Chic Choc Biscuits, Perk Biscuit, Royal Cream Crackers, Nutisnax and Royal Milky Magic Biscuits. It is also the producer of popular rice brands such as Royal Feast Rice, Royal Aroma and Mama Africa rice.

It is in this regard that the organisers of the awards which aim at celebrating African ingenuity in home building decided to celebrate the company with the following citation:

“Food and Nutrition is an integral part of our home living. It forms the basis of wellness in the home. The quantity and the quality of the food we consume go a long way to influence our wellbeing.

Products from OLAM predominantly feature in our food baskets.

You have continuously provided Ghanaians with variety and quality food - grains, cereals, nuts, snacks, confectionaries etc.

We appreciate you today for being THE FOOD INDUSTRY CHAMPION – 2022. AYEKOO!!!


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