About The Awards

The Home Builders Africa Awards is a highly anticipated award scheme which has been designed to recognize industry players who have contributed immensely to the success and growth of Society.

Initiators sustainable solutions, based on Healthy, Safe, Secure and Environmentally Friendly products and services to promote good living in-terms of infrastructure, health and nutrition, education and good values of the African Society by Organizations, Agencies and individuals cannot be overlooked.

Home Builders Awards seeks to recognize and Honor those who stand tall in various sectors of society to encourage others to do their best for Mother Ghana and Africa as a whole.

Aim at creating a more challenging opportunities for society and businesses to thrive as the world evolves is the mission of HOME BUILDERS.

Incorporating all enterprises that make the home, from the construction of the structural home to living in and living it, the Home Builder’s Africa Awards 2022 welcomes nominations from the Academy from various sectors of Home building. Regardless of the size or how long the organization has been established, benefits derived from its operations are the key decider in this award scheme.

Taking stock after the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, the award seeks to acknowledge the resilience and tenacity of these professionals and the surmounting challenges despite being massively affected by the pandemic. The maiden award will give contestants the chance to showcase any previous, current, or future projects.

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